About us


Recognizing the growing needs of investors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia for the quality in construction, the founders have decided in april of 2008 to set up a new company – Gradmont doo. The main business activity of the company was production of prefabricated concrete elements. The company tried to maintain a long-standing continuity in the production of precast concrete elements of the former construction company Bosna Gradačac. Gradmont Company has kept all the employees of the former company and so they also kept vast years of experience in the field of prefabricated construction.

From April of 2008 until the end of April in 2010, the company’s production line was located in facilities of Bosna Gradačac. The company had to pay a significant amount of money to a lessor for the use of production facilities, moulds, concrete mixing plants, warehouses, space for the accommodation of transport vehicles, machinery and for administrative building. In late 2008 the Board has made an important decision – they decided to build their own production facility in Donje Ledenice. In the same period the company invested arround 4, 5 million KM (BAM) in the construction of a new production facility with a surface of 3200 m2, buying a moulds for making ab elements, and for the construction of automated concrete mixing plant with supporting facilities.

New production facility is located in place Donje Ledenice, municipality of Gradačac, with maximum daily production capacity of 100 m3 of concrete, built in moulds of different types of ab elements. From its fundation until today, Gradmont company has built an enviable market position, and currently covers the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighboring countries. The company currently has about 90 employees, with annual revenues exceeding 6 million.

Production capacities

Production facility is located in industrial area of Gradačac, in place Donje Ledenice. Total surface of the facility is more than 6.000 m2, and its equipped with state of the art production equipment. An automated concrete plant and reinforcement plant are also located within the production facility. We own more than 20 molds for various ab elements. In the laboratory we perform daily sampling and testing of concrete, which further contributes to the quality of our construction.

The company has a wide vehicle fleet, consisted of more than 20 trucks (including mobile cranes) and 10 passenger cars. We have all the necessary licences for the transport of concrete elements from manufacturing plant to the construction site in different countries.

Production technology

We produce prefabricated ab elements from concrete and concrete iron. In order to maintain full control over quality of the concrete, within our production facility we have built a modern automated concrete plant. Concrete in the facility is intended only for production of prefabricated concrete elements. The concrete from the concrete plant is transported by vehicles to the area of the plant where molds are located. Previously in this mould were installed reinforcing assemblies. Installation of the concrete into molds (formwork) is performed using formwork pneumatic vibrator. At the end of concrete installation process, the final processing of the upper surface is performed.

Twenty-four hours after installation of concrete in the formwork and by reaching an adequate concrete strength, process of unmolding, extraction and storage takes place. After specific period of time needed to obtain the required properties of concrete, concrete elements are being transported to the construction site where the mounting process takes place. During the entire production process on representative samples of concrete is performed laboratory testing of properties.

Social responsibility

Gradmont LTD is a socially responsible company. In our daily business activities we are trying to give a contribution to our local community. Beside that, we are aware of our possible impact on the environment.

Our contribution to the local community is represented through financial support to different cultural and sport events. Besides, support to the local community is represented through business cooperation with local enterprises, which contributes to better results of local economy.

Since its establishment, Gradmont Ltd is concerned about the possible impact of the manufacturing process on the environment. As a result of long-standing concern for the environment, we can say that our business has no harmful effects on the environment. Besides concern of our possible impact, Gradmont Ltd along with other partners from Europe is leader in development of eco-acceptable way of doing business. From January 2014 Gradmont Ltd is part of the group which is working on the project Anagennisis and explores the possibility of using recycled tires in concrete. The expected contribution of the project is reflected in the increasing amount of recycled car tires, and reducing waste and thus pollution.